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The Writer's Fear of the Pollen Count

I started sneezing today, eyes streaming. So, pollen season then. I first got hayfever in, er, whatever year it was the Velvet Underground played Glastonbury. It was the same afternoon the fence went down and the population of the festival rose by several thousand. I went a bit funny in the crush in front of the Pyramid and staggered away, bewildered by my streaming eyes and tickling nose. A stallholder who knew I was green crew gave me some clarityn (or something) and suddenly I became a hayfever sufferer.

How can you talk that way
On such a lovely day?
When sunshine comes your way
It's time to make some hay
I fall for this season every time
When it's hot and everybody smiles
I can't help myself
I'm in love with the summertime
(The Divine Comedy, 'The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count')

I'm still rising stupidly early. Last night I did my best to stay up late, and still woke by 6am. Got some laundry in and did a quick ride over to the skaterpark and back before breakfast.

Meanwhile, the boiler has blown again. After the midwinter crisis, I've decided that now would be a good time to replace it. Otherwise I may end up with numb fingers paying for another emergency repair in the bleak midwinter. And if that happens then I would have spent nearly as much money in repairs this year as for having a new one fitted, so.... I have hot warm water for showers from an ancient electric shower, but the weather has become so suddenly glorious that lukewarm showers aren't a hardship. Plus, I can always use the gym. The hardest thing will be the lack of running hot water in the kitchen but I'll live. The most annoying thing is that it'll probably blow the money I was planning to use to get the house front rennovated.

Posted @ 6:54 pm on Monday, June 05, 2006
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