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newsflash: massacre in very cold Devon house

Sébastian's running kill count:

  • Mice: 13 14

  • Birds: 3
    2 x sparrow
    1 x dunnock

  • Frogs: 1

  • Unidentifiable remains: 1

Meanwhile, I had to get an emergency boiler repair person out today. So no beer, boots or sweeties for me this month. Possibly not even any cocktails. I mean, I could survive heating the lounge and bedroom using the open fires. One of my comments on buying a place with open fires was "well, if the Apocalyse comes I'll still have a heat source and thus hot food and hot water, if produced rather slowly". But I have a stinking headcold, complete with aching kidneys, and I want hot running water. So I am willing to forego the twisted russians, french martinis and even the new boots or shoes in favour of having a working combi boiler. Therefore, I am broke and on rations for the rest of the month. Which at least solves that pesky 'losing a smidge of weight' thing.

I have, by the way, a very low opinion of most boiler repair persons in the phone book, especially the ones who say "24 hour" or "emergency service" and all of whom go through to voicemail at 8pm on a freezing January night.

Posted @ 10:54 pm on Wednesday, February 01, 2006
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