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I ::heart:: the Pipettes

I'm walking home down the high street and hear a familiar beat coming out of Topshop.

Your kisses are wasted on me
Your kisses are wasted on me
Your kisses are wasted on me
Your kisses are wasted on me
(Boy) Can't you see we're through?
(Boy) I don't love you
Don't make me smile, for a while
(Boy) Get out of my face
(Boy) I'm going back out to chase some other guy
Who I might like.

It's the Pipettes! Being played in Topshop!

It's not often I get to do the smug thing of liking a band before they get popular. The last one was Pulp, and that was more just because if you lived in Sheffield in the early 90s, you heard Pulp a lot.

A long dig through the archives pulls up my original post on going to see them in September 2004, and my tag for them started a little earlier because their first single was on unpopular records, run by A (who gave me a neat set of Pipettes badges which have the 2004 line-up on it - maybe I should get on ebay? Kidding.). And I claimed they'd be the band of 2005 over in shiny shelf's review of 2004. Admittedly, I didn't see the Artic Monkeys coming (nor did I actually see them before they charted, despite Law tipping me off). So, OK, the timescale was wrong but the Pipettes album is out on 17th July on Memphis Industries. It's very good. And the first single from it, Your Kisses..., charted and is being played in Topshop whilst teenage girls buy polka-dot tops. Woo!

Meanwhile, I have found my Divine Comedy CDs.

Posted @ 6:46 pm on Wednesday, May 24, 2006
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