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I love the pipettes...and gigs with ink stamps Last night, I went to see the Pipettes up at the Louisiana in Bristol. A has been raving about this band in his blog for weeks. They played the Cavern in Exeter, but I couldn't make it and was determined to see them, hence the trip to Bristol. They are fantastic. The music is excellent, with some good driving Jam-like basslines and variation in pace. The focus is naturally on the singers: three women dressed in polka-dot dresses singing pure Ronettes-style call/response lyrics such as:

Tie Me to the Kitchen Sink
You Were Just a One Night Stand
I Love a Boy in Uniform (School Uniform!)
The late train back is an easy walk from the pub, and there are other bands on there which I've heard about (diamond geezer just wrote in praise of Mylo) so I'm going to try to go more often. Exeter only really has the Cavern as a small independent gig venue and the sound quality there only really works if the gig is jammed solid (and then you get side-effects in terms of sweat-slicked walls and flooded toilets. The Great Hall and the Lemon Grove are starting to regain some decent tours (my first gigs at those venues were The Pixies and Fugazi respectively, my most recent ones was Electric six at the Lemmy and I've got tickets for Mercury Prize winners Franz Ferdinand next month, and the Thrills after that).

Anyway, the Pipettes are great. If they are touring near you, it's worth going. They're currently unsigned.

I've updated the post on succulant plants with photos.

Posted @ 1:20 pm on Saturday, September 11, 2004
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