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Home Again, Home Again, Clickety-Click

I am back from my exciting life. I was working in Santa Cruz de la Tenerife:
DSCN2264 DSCN2277 DSCN2290
Well, I was staying in Santa Cruz. I also worked in La Laguna and Valle de Guerra. All of which is as far removed from the stereotypical British tourist idea of Tenerife as is possible to get. I had a fabulous lunch in a local bar (i.e. one off the touristy drags of Santa Cruz) and liked one dish so much that I actually wrote down the recipe and brought back a key ingredient to give to Ladylark. Clearly her teaching of cooking has worked at some level.

Once my work was done, I hightailed it on a ferry to another of the islands. I was last here two years ago and did notice a few subtle changes in Playa Santiago, the key one being the increase in English being spoken, and seeing some actual English holidaymakers (elderly couples staying up at the posh hotel on the cliffs rather than roughing it in the fishing village). But the place hasn't changed much. I hiked over a couple of ravines, and lounged in various bars including my favourite in Santiago.
DSCN2341 DSCN2334 DSCN2339 DSCN2318

I didn't write as much of the Now Contractually Signed But Could Still Be Jinxed story as I planned to and I'm partially sure it was because the environment was totally wrong to write the kind of atmosphere needed. I did come back with a tan, a recipe, a broken-in pair of walking boots and a relaxed attitude.

Which was just as well, since I cleared customs at 6pm on Sunday, raced into town (changing and doing make-up on the train), checked in and then raced over to the London Stone in time for the start of Club Sabbath. Lawrence opened well, but vanished in a puff of nerves and, despite not actually having anything to do with organising the night, I got dragged into the running of things. Lawrence has since remarked that it is not because I have 'I know Lawrence's brain' tattoed on my forehead but more like 'I am practical': either way it was a rather intense crash back into England. At one point I was stood in the drizzle in a deserted City street wearing a little vest top, getting hasty instructions down a mobile and thinking "this morning I was on a Spanish island off the coast of Africa". Gah. However, the club went well overall, and people are planning to do it again in, provisionally, July.

The cafe has not opened yet, but is nearly ready, which will be great.

Posted @ 12:15 pm on Saturday, May 06, 2006
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