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Viva el Doctore

I may be about to vanish off the radar. Or at least the interweb. I am currently on a famous volcanic island but manaya I get the ferry to the secret volcanic island base. Mwahahahahaha.
The following para is cut for lj types...

I did see Tooth and Claw, in a hotel room, and thought it was the best thing since...since ever. Like combining the good bits of Greatest Show (i.e. Mags the werewolf), Ghostlight (more Victoriana than you can shake a mistletoe bough at), el Doctore being muchos muchos sexy (el optico, el ruffle), more steampunk than should be allowed and Ian bloody Dury (hit me with your rhythm stick, das ist gut, ich liebe dich. Hit me with your rhythm stick, it´s nice to be a lunatic...). And that´s before we get to the gratuitous continuity moments (Doctor James McCrimmon indeed, and hello to my old friend Dr Bell of Edinburgh - teacher of Arthur Conan Doyle and George Morrison, role model for Sherlock Holmes).

Where was I? The reason I´m blogging whilst on volcanic islands is, in fact, because I forgot to plug a second thing besides Club Sabbath. The main reason being I´m not sure if it happening this coming weekend or not. Espresso Mondo is the fair trade coffee shop run by the lovely Jim and Justin in Exeter. It´s great, but since the old shop by my office was demolished they have been trading out of dinky van in the business district. However, they are expanding, and will be opening a second outlet in St Thomas, Exeter. When we last spoke, Jim thought it would be this weekend, so if you are based in Exeter, and are in town this Saturday, drop by Cowick Street shops - Espresso Mondo may very well be opening in the old photographic shop (next to the Brittania bank on the crossroads). It´ll be basic, right now, but they are the best coffee makers in town.

Posted @ 9:39 pm on Tuesday, April 25, 2006
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