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moosifer might cook

Remember my plan for moosifer_cooks, my handy online recipe book where you can actually search dynamically? So you can find all linked recipes with aubergines + ginger, for example. I was updating it with some rather yummy sounding pastes from last week's Guardian along with some of the Indian recipes from this week's magazine. As I entered the pastes article, I saw someone else had also linked to it, which has led me in turn to kake_food who is clearly using in the same way and which will lead me towards more recipes. I've already followed a link from there to yet another user's recipes tag.

A friend who can and will cook has also offered to give me a weekend crash course, probably in the New Year, so that I develop the skills to at least stop seeing cooking as a chore. Asked to define what my aims would be, I think it comes down to an inability to plan and organise in the kitchen. When I look to see what I can make for a meal, I always see the disparate ingredients rather than the potential dish. So I need someone to alter my approach to the whole thing. This could be interesting.

Posted @ 6:22 pm on Saturday, December 03, 2005
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