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I was replying to a meme Annie had been lured into, over on the Going Underground blog. Amongst my replies, I included "learn to enjoy cooking". Several others put "eat more healthily" etc. It's something I'd been thinking about recently, as the Guardian have started a vegetarian cookery column this month. But I couldn't work out how to then file the clippings because the old starters - mains - salads - desserts organisation of traditional cookbooks is deeply unhelpful. You dig into some poorly designed index, look up something you do have like 'sweet potato', find the one recipe which includes it and discover that you have none of the other ingredients. Or it has meat in it. I used to have one cookbook called 'Vegetarian Cooking for One' which I used to call 'Vegetarian Cooking for Masochists' as the recipes were so strict and bland.

Then there is the fact I have no clue how to start with some things. Until a week ago I used to put courgette in with the pasta to boil for a few minutes. Then I read that I could fry it with pepper and garlic etc and, damn, it tastes good.

So I was walking home and thinking about
a) dinner
b) how to organise the recipes I wanted to clip

Tagging, I thought, is what cookbooks need. A way of putting one recipe in half a dozen places in the cookbook. So if I have a couple of sweet potatoes, I can look for recipes which include them then narrow the list down by picking other ingredients etc. So, after a smudge of faffing, I have created...
moosifer cooks
I've used the tag bundles to organise them by different criteria. I'm a big fan of the shop local principle and use Stokes for my fruit and veg (that poor courgette had come all the way from Dorset), so there's a bundle for seasons e.g. autumnal food. There's regions, like morroccan, etc. so actual themed meals could be planned. If I were that organised.
And it did take me a while to spot the rather obvious "delicious" joke.

Posted @ 11:03 pm on Monday, September 26, 2005
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