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the wrong side of the tracks

Pac ghosts
Pac ghosts,
originally uploaded by Mags.
I don't expect the geeky thrill of my pedometer stats will last long, but for now it is prompting me to take walks in odd directions in order to note down a bearable score and feel smugly like I am achieving something other than tired legs. Luckily, the new camera means I can justify the walking with a "Me? I'm not just 'going for a walk' like some wierdo, I'm doing something" attitude.

This year it will also be a decade since I moved to my part of Exeter. A district easily defined as 'the wrong side of the tracks'. A phrase which always makes me think of: a) Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, b) Pretty in Pink. So my not-a-resolution, more-a-sort-of-guideline is to get photos of some of the more curious and odd corners of this side of the tracks. I've begun by walking down Tin Lane, a curious little back street with a startlingly colourful building in it. Click on the link to see the flickr photoset of it.
and the gentlemen friends who used to call
they never did seem to mind at all
that she came from the wrong side of the tracks

Posted @ 5:00 pm on Monday, January 03, 2005
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