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This party is over

Went to the last party of the festive season last night, which is just as well as my voice is going. Some of that is due to firework smoke, huge oily clouds of it hovering in the street at midnight on the 31st/1st, but I think it is mostly a diet of party snacks, red wine and leftovers. It is possible I have achived a minor internal miracle and turned not water but blood into wine.

I don't do resolutions. Either I really want to do something, and will therefore push on and do it regardless of the date, or I only think I ought to do something, and a resolution which is an ought not a want/need is going to get broken pretty damn quickly.

C and I are vaguely planning to walk more, a plan begun on the 31st with a 3 mile walk along the Bovey on the edge of Dartmoor. Out of a desire to show willing, and a dire curiosity, I bought a pedometer yesterday. I suspect all it will prove is how much of my life is spent sat on my arse in front of a PC.

Posted @ 10:38 am on Sunday, January 02, 2005
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