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Cute, in a stupid arsed way

It's already been noted that I am loving The Last of the Shadow Puppets. The first thing they reminded me of was Tenament Symphony era Marc Almond, mixed with a large dose of The Divine Comedy circa Casanova (e.g. Something for the Weekend) and a dash of Lee Hazelwood. A cocktail recipe of music almost bound to make me love them. I love the combination of torch songs and guitars. The opening bass-laden intro on the first track of the album reminds me of Valerie, as well, but then I'm nearly as obsessed with Mark Ronson's arrangements as the trailer editors on the BBC.

I've just put the Shadow Puppets album on again, whilst updating my swipe file (a posh phrase for ripping out good headlines from Glamour). And a slight worry resurfaces. I have fleetingly wondered if there was something a bit Space about The Last Shadow Puppets, but I've also just been reminded of The La's.

Hmmm. I'm starting to suspect this is an album I will adore for six months then neglect for years.

Also cute, in a stupid arsed way:

And, yes, I have also favourited the 'learn the dance' versions.


Posted @ 12:30 am on Thursday, July 10, 2008
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