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A Cat Called Malice

I just discovered Polydor records have taken the very sane step of becoming a YouTube channel. Specifically, Polydor classics puts up high quality classic music videos. One of my favourite uses of YouTube is to track down old pop videos - you get onto a seam of a band or year and lose hours clicking on the 'related'. This morning I watched an old Aztec Camera clip Alistair posted, which led me to Ever Changing Moods, then Long Hot Summer and finally this:

I can watch the young Paul Weller for hours, although I'm a bit bothered by his current Bradley Wiggins style haircut.

Meanwhile, Sébastian's new kill count is:

  • Rodents:
    Rats - 1 2
    Mice - 40
    Voles - 11
  • Birds:
    Sparrows - 5
    Dunnocks - 1
    Robin - 1
    Ringed pigeon - 3
    Uncertain - 9
  • Other:
    Frogs - 1
    Unidentifiable remains - 3

Yes, there's a rat in my rose bed, what am I gonna do? Actually, I picked it up and sealed it in a plastic bag till bin day. Séba has a new collar with a quieter bell, and within days he's killed a rat. Which is both good (less rats) and bad (rats bite when cornered).

There was also a young hedgehog under my kitchen table, which had got in through the open back door, got itself confused in amongst the boxes of tools etc. and was sounding distressed. I moved things and used gardening gloves to pick it up and put it under some foliage in the garden. You'd really not believe I'm in an urban area, would you?

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Posted @ 12:44 pm on Saturday, July 12, 2008
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