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Kuan Yin in the snow 2008

Kuan Yin in the snow 2008I woke with the hail hitting the bedroom window. Weather rarely hits the glass, so the noise meant the wind was from the North. The thunder meant I didn't go back to sleep fully, and then the chap suggested I look out the window. It was early, but the snow was falling like fat feathers and the road was covered. I was excited but by the time I realised I had to get up to take photographs, the snow was slowing and the sun was starting to appear. And my camera batteries were nearly dead. I hauled on boots and got this shot, and one of the painted buddha, off before the camera shut itself down.

I do have more, taken with my new phone, but by the time the camera was recharged and I was back outside the snow had gone. At 8am this morning, though, kids in the St Thomas Pleasure Gardens were making their first ever snowmen.

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Posted @ 11:10 pm on Sunday, April 06, 2008
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