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Is that from 'Accessorize'?

stepsThe chap and I dashed along Holborn last week in order to pick up the ring (or "the bling", or "the thing", depending how freaked I was at any given moment) during our lunch break. After two visits to Hatton Garden, including one with appointments at a very nice attic studio recommended by someone at work and at the place we eventually went with, I had overcome my shyness around expensive jewelery. So we ordered this art deco ring from The London Victorian Ring Company, fitted with a square cut ruby that I chose myself. It's shiny! In some kind of automatic learned action from my mother, when I got back home I immediately cleaned out a dish to sit on the window sill and hold it whilst I'm doing the washing up.

Continuing the red theme, progress has started on the outfit. I know, there's a year to go and minor details like a venue should really be a priority, but Kel will be handmaking this suit for me. In a ruby red, natch, but without that hat.

I'm still a bit 'eep' about things, and convinced that too much online chatter will jinx things, but when something has happened I guess it is safe to blog about it...

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Posted @ 8:06 pm on Wednesday, March 19, 2008
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