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the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs

And I'm gonna quit these ramblin' ways
One of these days soon
And I'll sing...

The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs....

The Be Good Tanyas

The littlest birds: my faveI was quiet in December in part because I'd decided to make the majority of the presents I was going to give. I saw something in a magazine and thought "I could make those!". So I went to the Exeter Fabric Centre to grab some offcuts of thin patterned cotton, ribbons and black sequins, and bought 500g of lavender from Daisy gifts. Then I got out the 1927 Singer machine and sewed.

With the outlines sewn, I sat with Cranford on the TV, stuffed each bird with lavender and finished them off with the ribbons and sequin eyes. Then I gave them away in pairs. Naturally, I couldn't blog about them whilst I was making them, on account of giving them as pressies. I still have about 300g of the lavender, so I may end up making more and selling them just to use the stuff up!

The review linked to above about the Fabric Centre is spot on: after describing what I was making with the cottons, they said I had to bring them in to show them, so I will later in the month.


Posted @ 9:47 am on Wednesday, January 02, 2008
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