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Radio Tweet

I'm trying to unclutter the attic, which is a somewhat epic task. There are boxes up here which have yet to be fully unpacked even though I moved in eleven years ago. The starting point was the realisation that, with two PC corpses littering the place (their respective monitors having thrown themselves onto the funeral pyre as well), there was just no room any more. I did try to offload the dead PCs on freecycle but it seems to be full of time-wasting idiots who say they want it then never get back in touch to arrange collection. So Carrie and I took them to the council tip this morning. The HDDs are missing, naturally, but it means I have more space.

Digging into one corner, I found boxes containing stuff that really should have gone years back...

Studio radio This is my first radio cassette player. I got this second hand for £1. When I left home, it came with me before winding up in my studio space at art college. You can probably tell that from the paint job. Sadly, it gave up working years back, what with the aerial coming off, then the function button no longer locking into place. Now I have a digital camera and therefore don't feel foolish wasting film on it, I'm taking the photos and junking the radio.

20th anniversary posterThis was on my wall when I was a teenager and doubtless contributed to my love of Tegan/Turlough fanfic. Pedants muttering about the Doctor's trousers in the new Children in Need thingy, can take note. Original costume there, boys. This is not going in the junk pile, but has already been carefully folded back up and filed with the Doctor Who annuals.

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Posted @ 1:56 pm on Sunday, October 28, 2007
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