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Annoying Things About Vista #1

Yes, I did mean to click on the application and yes, I do trust the source: please just install iTunes.

So far:
Firefox downloaded and made default (so no more IE).
Firefox drag de go add-on added.
Firefox greasemonkey added (but no scripts yet).
ipodRip downloaded (install required installing an earlier .NET).
Bitorrent downloaded (hem hem).
VLC all format video player downloaded as Windows Media Player didn't like *.avi.
iTunes downloaded.
Audio Grabber downloaded.

There's a slight snafu with ipodRip in that all the music has been ripped using the five digit code as the file name, which means some time spent double checking things. I'm debating Winamp: I've been using it for the best part of a decade, but I'd have to maintain playlists in both it and iTunes. I had a workround tool for the Win98 PC which enabled me to transfer Winamp playlists straight over to the ipod. ETA: winamp allegedly talks to first gen ipods now...

Still to do:
Filezilla (ftp program).
HTML-Kit (website coding program).
Flickr uploadr (plus various greasemonkey scripts). (inc ipod widget)
Paint Shop Pro install disk to be found.
AVG-Free installed and Norton removed - could be a bugger, this.
Old MS Office CD to be found as one glance at the wp in MS Works means I'll be digging out the older software.

I'm not sure if I need the Nikon software: I've been treating my camera as a normal external drive for ages so I'm not sure I really need fancy sofware when I have explorer and flickr uploadr.

I reformatted moosifer 2* six months ago, so I am worryingly pulling the list of software needs straight out of my memory. The chap claims I have a rubbish memory, but knowing all the software to install to restore your preferences is pretty damn good, I think.

*this is a retro naming. My first PC was called 'alien workshop'. The second had no name and this new one is moosifer 3. I think I may need to work on the naming convention there.

In other geekery news, Wordpress 2.3 is out. I've been planning to use that as a reason to do version 4.1 of the site (same design, better coding, integrated blog and static pages all on I'll need to migrate nearly four years of blogging, but it looks like it'll be a wet winter anyway.


Posted @ 6:48 pm on Monday, October 01, 2007
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