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Dead mices

Sébastian's new kill count:

  • Rodents:
    Rats - 1
    Mice - 28 30
    Voles - 10
  • Birds:
    Sparrows - 4
    Dunnocks - 1
    Robin - 1
    Uncertain - 6 7
  • Other:
    Frogs - 1
    Unidentifiable remains - 3

One reversed a recent trend for being beheaded by having an intact head but no sign of the body. The other was exceedingly plump and curiously intact. Carrie kindly suggested it was pregnant, which is a bit horrible.

Another dead mouse was my PC. Well, actually the main power supply died. As it was quite an elderly PC which had things such as a special workround to enable me to talk to an ipod via Win98 etc, it was sad to acknowledge it was truly gone. But now I have a shiny new one using a "buy now pay later" scheme from the chap. After an hour I'd convinced Vista that there is a wifi link, downloaded Firefox, downloaded my favourite add-ons for firefox and generally started the rebuilding. My music should be simple, once I can get ipodRip to work under Vista, but the floppy disk backups of all my writing may take longer. What with not having a floppy disk drive.

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Posted @ 6:25 pm on Sunday, September 30, 2007
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