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Catch That Pigeon!

My cat is rubbish.

What is the point of having a killer cat if, when faced with a wood pigeon in the bedroom*, he goes and hides?

With much flapping (from me, the pigeon and my chinese sunshade) it was shooed out. Amazingly, the room is unscathed although several succulant plants were damaged during flight. Séba hid by the sofa downstairs and, when the bird had panicked itself down into the kicthen, fled into the garden to hide under a bush. He then crept back in after the bird was gone and looked all-big-eyed at me. Still, it's better than blood and feathers everywhere.

*there's an open fireplace. Too open. I need to get it capped.


Posted @ 8:39 pm on Tuesday, August 07, 2007
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