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Make Do and Mend

There's a piece in this week's Graniad weekend about the commericialisation of weddings in the last century. Although it focuses on the bride because, of course, that's what the focus of weddings is. No one mentions the need of the guests to not merely get together a wedding outfit but to get together several so that you're not always in the same party frock at all the weddings.

I'm off to a classic English job at the weekend and have spent the evening - when not being disrupted by all the noises out front* - altering a dress so that it fits in the bodice. Not one alterations person in the city would even countenence taking on a dress with boning in the bodice, so I am taking a crash course in modern corsetry. After an initial bout of uncertainty, the 1927 Singer machine has behaved and I've got two of the four seams done. I'll have to keep my head down for the next two evenings to get it ready in time though.

* It's worse than normal tonight: lots of incoherent moaning and crashing about. It used to be that you could set your clock by the 11.20 post-pub leariness but this didn't start till just after midnight. Maybe someone's launched a particularly strong cider: you always get the worst pub drunks on cider. Ooh, yep. Sirens. Must be a punch up somewhere.

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Posted @ 12:51 am on Wednesday, June 13, 2007
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