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Ooh, new toys have introduced a new widget which produces a playable playlist. It's down there on the left. I am listening to the new Lucky Soul album, which the chap bought last week. It's fabulous: shiny pop with smarts. I'm glad we decided to get tickets to the gig next week (sorry, Alistair) as it sounds like it might be one of the hottest tickets of the indie pop summer. Try out the widget to play their stuff: if you don't like My Darling, Anything, try Get Outta Town!. Two very different tracks but clearly the same band.

Meanwhile, I am now a fully paid up commuter on the Misery Line, having spent a week shimmying my way into busy carriages in order to blearily stare at a space just beyond my nose. Back on Tube Night on BBC4 there was a good documentary about how the Tube is a microcosm of British society: faced with such conditions, we resort to unwritten rules and become silently stoic. I also noticed that the Friday morning rush contained more travellers with larger bags, as people plan to go from their desks to Some Other Life. As I did, racing back here to Devon for a couple of nights. I took some photos for the Guess Where London? flickr group, but left my connecting cable at the chap's, so will have to upload them tonight.

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Posted @ 9:09 am on Sunday, May 13, 2007
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