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Lucky Soul

You might think a fortnight of training in London is a bit of a nuisance, but I get to go to Lucky Soul at Bush Hall. Yay!

Also, there is no Who next week, which means I can go to the Bristol Comics Expo without worrying about my digibox resetting and taping 45 minutes of some annoying twonks telling me how to use my digibox. I'm not sure when Human Nature, the two-parter which featured quite heavily in the trailer last night, airs due to my spoilerphobic habits but I am getting a bit excited. The actors cast as the Aubertides look spookily like my mental image of them from back when the novel first came out, and Tennant in a comfy wool dressing gown and tweed is not to be sniffed at.

I'm going to set my Simm excitment to one side: a tiny bit of me is disappointed as he was on my list of "actors I'd love as the Doctor" but he's made it clear that after Life on Mars he won't be signing up for such an intensive schedule again. But still, Simm and Tennant....eep!

I also noticed that last night, Norton's introduction of Barrowman on the current talent show has shifted. Last year, he was "West End leading man and Doctor Who star". This year, until last night, he was "Torchwood star". Last night, after a Jack-tastic trailer, he became "Doctor Who star". I think the BBC might be gearing up for a bit of "Captain Jack is soooooo cooool" hype.

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Posted @ 9:11 am on Sunday, May 06, 2007
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