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Exeter Goes Pop!

Ages ago I made these cushions for the new sofa using some Liberty print wipeable fabric. Today I was giving the bathroom the same sort of minor (and, more importantly, free) revamp that the bedroom got in January. I'd intended just to clean the place thoroughly but ended up putting up some shelves that I'd taken out of the room five years earlier but hadn't got around to putting up elsewhere. They're in a new place, and have new functions but still... I also recovered the bathroom stool:
Bathroom stool

In amidst the two bins of stuff I cleared out of the room - mainly expired medicines and long forgotten cosmetics - I also found the little booklet which was given out at The Living Room on 11th April 1997.

In the future the Living Room would like to see several things happen. In no particular order these may be:
More nail polish, particularly on male fingers. (Nails obviously, not fingers themselves).
More requests for Country & Western music.
Hats of all descriptions being worn at all times.
The 'Whizz Bang' and the 'California Lemonade' being the drinks of choice.
Belle & Sebastian being warmly embraced in the hearts of all lovers in the world.
The word 'winsome' being used as often as possible.

This manifesto was from Alistair (of Tangents, Plan B etc). I loved the Living Room whilst it ran. We ate little cakes and enjoyed pop of fine quality. Wonderfully, A is back on the decks with a new night in Exeter: Exeter Goes Pop!. I had to miss the first one but the next is on 14th March.

I shall, possibly, wear a winsome hat.

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Posted @ 4:08 pm on Sunday, February 18, 2007
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