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Too Divine Doctor

Remeber how I got all excited over Neil Hannon on the Who OST? The thought of my favourite skinny geeky boys in suits being connected was almost too much for me...

Paul Cornell emailed me today to point out Love Don't Roam, the song from the Runaway Bride, is available to buy on download sites, which means - under the new singles charts rules - that it could make the UK Top 40. Leaving aside the wonders of getting a Who song into the Top 40, this would also return Hannon to it, which can be no bad thing. And for 79p, or thereabouts, you get the rather fabulous bossa stylings of the song as well.

Doubtless in the future it will become a standard at fan weddings.

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Posted @ 6:17 pm on Monday, January 15, 2007
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