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Hear Their Clockwork Hearts Whirr

Some time, somewhere over that blurry mess which is December, I caught an advert for a new toy on tv. The mystery is quite when I saw this, since I am not prone to watching daytime tv, but I can't believe the advert was at night. It was for a robot pony. I can't find the actual ad online, because naturally the first thing I did was hunt for it. It was so odd that I didn't quite believe it was real. A pony for people who don't want their daughters to smell of horse shit or break any bones, obviously. Here's some youtube footage of someone finding it at a trade fair. And someone's christmas present.

The chap and I naturally wondered what would happen as Robopony went wrong. We grew up watching Terminator, and other tales of implacable machines, so these visions involved glowing red eyes and mechanised demands for carrots and sugar cubes.

Comb their soft and luscious nylon fur
Listen close - hear their clockwork hearts whirr
Laura Barrett, Robot Ponies

Then the other day The Torture Garden posted this fantastic track by Laura Barrett. I downloaded because, well, it's about Robot Ponies. It is, however, a fantastic track. Brittle and sharp and spikey and yet sweet. Go download.

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Posted @ 10:48 pm on Wednesday, January 24, 2007
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