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Miscellaneous Pimpage

1. Can't drive, Won't Drive
It's not that I can't drive, more that I can't drive legally. It's not even due to losing my license, more with never actually getting around to gaining it. I've had lessons. I understand the principles. I even quite liked doing 60mph on a dual carriageway. I just reached an impasse where I never seemed to improve and my instructor just kept getting me to book another ten sessions and I started to suspect that I would never actually get to the stage of taking my test.

Maria McCarthy, a writer I know, got over that stage and got her license a little while back. The experience, and the experiences she heard about whilst learning, inspired her new book: The Girls' Guide to Losing Your L-Plates, available now from Pocket Books.

I'm off to raise a cocktail or two at her launch party next weekend. I'll be going by bus.

2. Can Code, Will Code!
I have finally got up and running. It is identical in every way to the old site, but hosted on a different server, once requires no interaction with Orange to run. I'm still changing links from various places, but if you do link to the old halliday47 site, please change it to the new shiny.

3. Can Blog, Shouldn't Blog?
Shameless hussy and Doctor Who author Mark Michalowski has discovered the joys of blogging: Across the Maps of Heaven. Shouldn't be allowed...;)


Posted @ 6:26 pm on Sunday, January 14, 2007
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