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Unwrapping a house

The scaffold came down. There still needs to be work done to finish off, but the main work is done:

nearly done | before

Looks like they even fixed the wonky slate above the window.
Note my sneaky use of light to make the new version look warmer than the old one. I watch too much House Doctor on five. Sadly, that is not a crossover show in which Greg House and the Doctor snarl and grr at each other. Because that would be cool. The Doctor could keep calling him Bertie or George in order to wind him up...

You may recall I was going for this colour:
I want that colour
It's not an exact match, but it is thankfully non-dairy, given my fear of ending up ice-cream pink, like this:
Sailors' Almhouses, Bristol
I also suspect that if I take a photo in summer, the colour will closer again. Also, six months of traffic fumes should make it darker again.

Although I am amused that the green of my lefthand neighbours and the yellow of my righthand neighbours, combined with the lilac of me, means the terrace matches the background colours of my website.

Hopefully, the board in the top window will go tomorrow and I shall spend the weekend cleaning and reordering my bedroom.


In the meantime, I have become obsessed with reading design*sponge, a blog collecting lovely designs from around the globe. I am resisting the urge to buy things for myself right now: all I seem to find in the shops are ideal things for me and common sense suggests waiting for the January sales. So meadering through her recommendations is a safe way of window shopping without the urge to instantly buy that having the actual objects in front of you brings.

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Posted @ 4:57 pm on Thursday, December 14, 2006
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