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Take us to your planet

Take us, take us to your planet
Give us a mind and we'll scan it
Sell us a ship and we'll man it
Cos we mean it, uh-huh

There I was, settling on the sofa after a busy weekend in order to enjoy Torchwood (It's Captain Jack Harkness...and he's wearing the coat!). Ah, yes, the montage of the copper's mundane life: making cuppas in the station, patrolling the mean streets of Cardiff, breaking up a pub brawl to the sound of The Pipettes---

The Pipettes?
In Torchwood??

Never mind how Captain Jack is soooooo cool...the Pipettes! On the Torchwood soundtrack! Eep!

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Posted @ 11:13 pm on Monday, October 23, 2006
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