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meta geek flowers

Before you all start thinking the sun/chap/travel/beer have turned me away from occassional outbursts of geekery, here is a rather lovely web tool.

At this site, you put in your URL and get back a rather pretty map of your site. What I particularly like is watching the clusters bloom as it builds up. So if you put in then you can watch first a large purple flower bloom and then, just as you think it's over, a yellow mophead explodes in a corner. Try it with your own site...

Then, because all geeks love flickr, you can post your screengrab there with the tag websitesasgraphs to join all the other ones. There's something bizarrely fascinating about these floral patterns, the way in which sites seem to fall into three broad catagories: the linear and simple, the hyper-organised, and the clearly planned but subsequently sprawled.

Yep. Still a geek.


Posted @ 12:09 am on Tuesday, August 01, 2006
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