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Nice weather for cats

Sébastian turns out to be living up to his middle-class name. He's always been rather sniffy about water from the tap, only accepting it with some cow's milk in it. I don't like giving cats cow's milk, especially in hot weather when it quickly becomes live yoghurt. Alternatively, he would wander into the garden and lick rainwater off plants - back when we had rainwater. On Thursday, home for forty minutes before heading off to meet the chap at the station, I was grabbing myself a long drink of barley squash made with cool water from the filter jug in the fridge. Out of a vague curiosity, I poured some of the water into Séba's water bowl. He loves it. My cat insists on cool, filtered water.

This may be a reflection on his taste, or on the state of SWW's water. I'm not sure which.

ETA: meanwhile, I have realised I have become the sort of regular at a cocktail bar who orders off-menu because I know all the other things they can make. So I wandered into Kino's and ordered a Deep South without checking if it was on the menu.


Posted @ 6:53 pm on Sunday, July 23, 2006
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