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On a roll, baby, yeah!

The selling of Contractually Obligated Thing Cabinets of Curiousities seems to have triggered a burst of enthusiasm for writing. Helped by various email discussions with people: just outlining a story to someone in email made me realise it was ready, whilst Kelly is having a burst of creativity which is encouraging me by example.

On Sunday I wrote up the outline for the Time Travelling Brief Encounter story, which was inspired back in January and was last worked on in March before Cabinets sent me on a tangent. I'm aware that my working title essentially gives away the whole thing, however, so I'm going to start calling it Disruption on the Line and we can all pretend I've not given the game away.

Then on Monday I found myself in a cafe, plunging into the prose. I need to firm up some details of background and of the plot, but essentially it's down to writing the thing now. It's on spec, and I have no idea what markets to aim it at. Things like the Time-Traveller's Wife have shown that a SF conceit need not be a bar to a more mainstream market and this is very much not a story for Interzone. But I should write the story and worry about the market when it is done...

Posted @ 8:20 am on Tuesday, June 20, 2006
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