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A Commute Too Far

Me: Er, I'm not going to be in at 9.
Boss: OK, why not?
Me: I'm not so much in St Thomas as...erm...Kentish Town?

I had a great day yesterday. True, I was up at about 5am in order to get the 6.40am train up to Waterloo but I then made it to both my appointments on time. Right out to Greenwich, then over to the City. I'd arranged to meet some friends for a couple of post-work beers in the Southwark Tavern at about 6pm which meant a quick walk over the Millennium bridge and past the Globe. Got there and had beer. Due to knowing I had a long journey, I sunk several pints quickly with the plan that this would enable me to sleep on the train and thus regain the lost hours from the morning. This was all good.

Was it too much to ask London Transport to behave all day? I left the pub with 20 minutes to do a 7 minute journey in. A journey I could have walked in 18 minutes. I then spent 10 minutes stuck at Southwark station (adding those minutes to the 4 minute Tube journey) and raced onto the Waterloo concourse 4 minutes after the last train of the night. A very helpful ticket advisor got me an excess fare ticket I could use this morning for tuppence ha'penny and I returned to the pub in order to blag a bed for the night. Not from the pub itself but from the friends. Obviously.

Naturally I wake an hour before the alarm because I always do when not at home (whereas in my own pit I can sleep through the alarm for an hour). I eventually make my desk at 2pm, looking sheepish and smelling of other people's shampoo. I should, by all rights, be tired right now but no. I'm wide-eyed and restless.

Posted @ 8:50 pm on Thursday, June 01, 2006
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