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Coded References

A lot of bloggers use a certain amount of code to refer to real people in their lives. There's all that awfulness of popping up when someone self-googles otherwise. Someone aked me recently if the Beloved Ex was someone they knew and I explained that they weren't. The Beloved Ex is someone I lived with back in the mid-90s. G, the person who recently reappeared, got turned into a coded reference with great ease but I have long struggled with a coded reference for the Ex that some people reading will know.

Recently I have been in touch with the Ex's previous girlfriend, who is in touch with his current one. This - and last week's Doctor Who - has resulted in a great set of cascading codes: I am Sarah Jane Smith to the current's Rose, the one before me is Jo Grant. This allows me to refer to them without revealing who they are. The main problem I have with this as a reference system, is that it casts the Ex in question as the Doctor. And, well, that just seems wrong. Quite apart from the failure of said Ex to look like David Tennant...

Meanwhile, the Doctor danced, euphemistically. I was hoping for some actual C18th dancing of the non-euphemistic kind. It might be because I love the romance of quadrilles etc. The way they are used in Austen etc as a means for two potential lovers to gaze into each others' eyes, to lingeringly touch each others' hands, to be only able to say a few brief words before the dance whirls them away (so better make them telling words). It's a great visual metaphor for falling in love...and this week was about the Doctor falling in love (as opposed to loving people) with all the giddy happiness and non-thinking that goes with it.

It might also be due to having watched Casanova too often and therefore having the dances all tangled up with Tennant and the lightly punk way the character was written (and in T&C we had a very punk Doctor smashing the console in time to Ian Dury which was bound to tick a box or two in my brain). I'm not bothered about the Doctor having teh SEX because I am in the "yes, he's half-human, yes, he kisses people, yes, he has a granddaughter, yes, he has a sexuality" camp. I just wanted the literal dancing as well as the metaphorical stuff.

Posted @ 1:11 pm on Sunday, May 07, 2006
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