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A Perfect Ten

I have a post about living out of suitcases, and some vague news re writing, but this morning, I got all distracted. Not by whoever it was who texted me to claim "Tennant is quitting at end of season 2!" because I'm not going to fall for that Fool's Day trick. No, I was having breakfast and, as I do, flicked to the fashion session of the Weekend magazine from the Guardian. "Damn, it's menswear," I thought. "Those eyes are kind of famili---bloody hell! It's Tennant doing a fashion spread!"

brideshead geeky uber geeky

So, let me get this straight...the Doctor has mainstream fashion types swooning and getting him to model clothes? It was one thing to be in the Glamour spread, where all he had to do was look pleased to have a woman on either arm, and anyway he was one of three featured "A-list eye candy" men. But he's even in Man at C&A style geeky fashion - with no female models but with a "David wears..." breakdown of his clothing? The Doctor is so hip he gets fashion spreads? What kind of mixed up crazy bizarro world is this!?!? And can I please stay here?

Posted @ 4:07 pm on Saturday, April 01, 2006
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