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I am a shopperholic (52 ways follow up)

Remember No. 2. Plastic bags?

I have two cheap totes from Top Shop, which cause vague ill-defined suspicions of guilt over potential sweatshop labour. However, I opened the post the other week to find my latte sister, Kelly, had heard my cries. She's made me a lovely large shopper bag. Lookie!

Shopperholic Detail What's this? folded up

It's made of organic cotton and bamboo and the lovely side pocket is decorated with some Buffy fan art (Spike and Dru in Italy - ciao!). I here illustrate it in use carrying some plants and gardening stuff, but I have also used it for books, a large flour jar, a second hand curtain (fabric for use in cushions), and food. The bottom opens out square (unlike totes) so that you can fit a lot in, or carry things that should be kept flat (like cakes). I love it because it looks swish and different and not worthy.

I don't like the plainess of so much eco stuff. It's like what I say about being vegetarian: we veggies like junk food as much as anyone, it just has to be veggie junk food. Same with trying to reduce your eco footprint: being green doesn't have to mean being plain and dull and wearing your worthiness like a badge. Anyone seeing me with this bag will just assume it is a trés cool indie bag. Only me, Kelly, and now you guys will know it is also organic and green and part of an eco lifestyle.

Kelly has considered making and selling these bags. She's a great seamstress and already does some work with wedding dresses, costumes, corsetry etc. but the question over the bags is would they sell? So my questions to people reading this is:

  • Would you buy a bag like this?
    (Obviously the material and pocket art etc would vary - maybe there could be Tennant. Or House. Or whatever.)
  • How much would you expect to pay? Yankee dollar.
    (Kelly has a price in mind, already, I'm just seeing if the expectation is close to the cost)

I should stress that it's only a maybe right now, and probably on a custom basis, but I just want the idea out there.

Posted @ 12:55 pm on Monday, April 03, 2006
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