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You know how you make approximate guesses at how far you walk or cycle? Or you get a pedometer which tells you that you did your 10000 steps but can't handle you cycling any them, or so on?

Ta-da: teh interweb solves it again. G-map pedometer (via Sam) is a mapping tool which lets you mark out and save your routes. As well as calculating distance, calories etc, you can also see the elevation. The map below demonstrates that I am not imagining things when I tell people there is a big uphill climb along Cowick Lane. And you should see the elevation for the ride up to the uni! (The walk to work is less high or long, but a lot steeper).


I'm wondering if this counts as a way to save the planet, since it uses the interweb (mains power potentially from renewable resources) instead of the disposable batteries in a pedometer?

Posted @ 2:32 pm on Wednesday, April 05, 2006
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