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I was working at a big factory today, ending up sat in the ceiling space wearing one of those white jumpsuits you see in news footage of crime scenes, as well as blue plastic overshoes and a hairnet thing. I didn't know I'd be going on site when I left the house this morning, so the journey over had to be diverted via a superstore so I could change my lovely embroidered skirt for a pair of ten quid jeans. Otherwise I couldn't have wore the biohazard suit. Forget the implausibility of imagining me in jeans instead of cords, how can they produce jeans for a tenner? Actually I'm not planning to think about that too much as it'll just depress me.

Annie over at Going Underground will be entertained to know the jeans conform to all the criteria for a slot in the Tube Fashion Victim threads being so low that just sitting down produces a builder's crack, and so long that even in my 2" heels you can barely see my feet. They also go against my own comments on TFVs, being (whisper it) boot cut. Still, at least they are a greasy/oily blue not fake-washed out blue.

Anyway, I was working here:
Working in the ceiling
(which I probably shouldn't have taken a photo of)

And I was waiting to get on with some tests, looking about at things. And I noticed this:

Isn't that just cute? Some bored workmen (or women, but, well, unlikely) doodled Daleks. And then, to finish it off, added a little stickman. Possibly the stickman is the Doctor? Or maybe a victim. I love that they have wheels, in defiance of anything you should ever have seen on TV, because we all know they trundle along on wheels.

It's one thing to hear little kids excited (I overheard a litle boy in the street the other day, telling his dad that he "have to learn about aliens and robots") but the idea that adults doodle Daleks just makes me smile.

Posted @ 7:40 pm on Monday, March 20, 2006
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