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Londoner? Want a book from the US?

Crockett & Powell are a small independent bookshop on Lower Marsh SE1. I came across them via their blog, but have been in and got the odd book for the train home from them. They've just started using a US wholesaler so now, if you want a book ordered from the US, you can use them instead of amazon dot com. The delivery time will be good and you get that warm Grauniad-reader feeling of supporting a local independent retailer.

I've slowly become utterly addicted to Lower Marsh, due to working in Lambeth quite a bit. There's Crockett & Powell, Radio Days, Scooterworks, and a (Turkish?) cafe where the train drivers from Waterloo all go. I discovered that last week, when I had an hour to kill before a train back. I wasn't sure Perdoni's would be open on a Sunday, but I didn't want to be pay Costa's station prices for a coffee and danish. Five minutes exploration brought me to this other cafe, where I had a mug of tea and two slices of jam'n'toast before going back into the station for my train.

Posted @ 5:18 pm on Saturday, February 11, 2006
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