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Back on the Saddle Again

Woah Mule and I have undergone our first real trial of riding today, and survived without me being thrown. I'm going to continue the cowgirl analogies, you know.

I started with a rather wussy walk into work, then risked locking it up on one of the racks in Bedford Square for the whole working day. Then by Central Library for a bit whilst I worked on the short story currently known as "A Time Travelling Brief Encounter" (oh, and that book is by Audrey Niffennegger, so I was close). Then up to my tai-chi class, riding this time. That was my first use of the new lights.

Finally, back from tai chi class, looping down South Street as it is less steep than Fore Street and takes me onto the Exe Bridges safely. This 2 mile ride home is either a 40 minute walk or 30 minutes on a bus, allowing for the usual waiting around for the bus to show, etc. I think I did it in 15 minutes. In the dark. In the rain. I am damp, but well pleased with the fact the only two breaks in cycling were to walk around a busy roundabout and to cross a busy junction where the cycle lane suddenly vanishes by the Riverside swimming pool. My crappy lungs didn't surrender and I feel like I've actually achieved something. Although maybe I should be having a hot bath after the soaking...

Posted @ 9:45 pm on Tuesday, February 14, 2006
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