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52 ways to save the planet: No. 5: Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

I'm not quite sure whether this Pink Floyd theme to the post titles will continue, and, yes, I am slipping behind on posting these each week but still...this time I'm airing my clean laundry in public.

The awesome power of the sun

Ignore the disturbingly Life on Mars style colour scheme on my clothes and instead check out the brightness of the sunshine. Yes, this weekend I dried my clothes using energy from a non-renewable resource, but I'm guessing the radiation from the sun is not going to run out before the fossil fuels do. I have a washer/dryer but the dryer element automatically reduces the energy efficiency to a C rating and I only use the tumble dryer in an emergency. Plus, by airing the clothes outside, I don't need fabric conditioner or softener: the worst they will smell of is flowers Séba has dug up out of the bedding. I never understood the point of conditioner/softener/smelly things anyway: why can't your clothes just smell of, well, cloth?

Posted @ 9:27 pm on Monday, February 13, 2006
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