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Save Other Whales

The Thames whale died last night, going into convulsions as the rescuers tried to reach the Thames estuary. Before every one forgets, and consigns the whale story to the subsection of the brain used for "hey, remember when...!" moments in the pub, read Greenpeace's Save the Whale campaign. Much larger and rarer whales are killed by humans, risking the extinction of entire species. Norway will kill over a thousand Minke whales this year. The Japanese whaling fleet is also planning to kill a thousand for "scientific purposes". 'Save the Whale' sounds terribly 80s, like Save the Seal* and MAD**, but whales ae still endangered and the campaigns are still active. So whilst the Thames whale is still in the news, read up on the other whales who won't have half of Britain hoping they'll live.

*the seal "cull" continues in Canada each year. Last year's "cull" killed at least 300,000 seals.
**translation for those of you born in the 80s: MAD = Mutually Assured Destruction (note the use of the phrase "winnable nuclear war" in that article - if it weren't for the fact I still sometimes wake screaming from nuclear bomb nightmares, I'd laugh).

Posted @ 10:49 am on Sunday, January 22, 2006
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