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Boaring Local News

The Boar hunters retrieved one animal today, thus leaving 60 or so boars wild in Devon. Cheerfully, the man from DEFRA pointed out that some of the female boar are pregnant, thus leading to the potential idea of packs of wild boar snuffling through the woods and moors of Devon. And baby boar are just cute.

Handily, there are also just two days left on DEFRA's consultation about the future of the small - until the boars were freed at Christmas - population of wild boar in the UK. So the chance to say 'leave 'em be!' runs out on Friday.

What really annoyed me about the story was not the hunt (which is odd, given how much I loathe fox hunting) or the ALF freeing a bunch of free-range boar but the fact the national news on BBC1 - presented by Natasha-simpering-patronising-irritating-idiot-Kaplinsky who I really do loathe - kept insisting on putting their patronising emphasis on the fact the hunt used dogs and quadbikes. As if they assumed all farmers in Devon still thought the wheel was a radical new invention. Bloody Londoners with their quaint notions of the West Country. We've got sushi bars, expensive vodka and OFFICE shoes as well as pasties, cider and wellies, you know.

Posted @ 8:37 pm on Wednesday, January 04, 2006
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