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Too much Doctor Zhivago

Too much Doctor Zhivago
Originally uploaded by Mags.

Back in 2002 or so, I created Faction Paradox's Cousin Octavia of the Eleven Day Empire, who led an army of ghosts against the Thirteen Day Republic - a splinter faction with a heavy Tsarist/Revolutionary Russia image. Imagine permenant white nights, Imperial palaces with mirrors reflecting themselves, snow under a blood-red sky and lots of business with sabres, mad monks and storming of gates.

Yesterday, I got a new pair of cod-Victorian boots from Clarks, the home of sensible shoes. Except these are calf-length lace up boots with a 2" heel i.e. not that sensible. As you can see, worn under my old winter coat - the one with the wide astrakhan collar and the cinched in waist - it all goes a bit Cossacky which was a deliberate choice last night. And it only just struck me this afternoon that it is also more than a little Thirteen Day Republicany. Is is a bad sign when you accidentally dress like one of your characters?

Posted @ 3:38 pm on Friday, December 16, 2005
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