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The Return of Cult Fiction 1

This post began life a few weeks ago, got eaten by a blogger gremlin and is now being slowly reconstructed. Due to its crazy and linktastic length,. I'll be doing it in bits....

There's a godawful advert on tv for the Housework Songs CD. This looks like the worst possible kind of tat designed purely for people to buy it for aunties that they don't really know. I'd better not get a copy, not least because I am an Great Aunt and therefore want the more Wooster-esque lifestyle. At the very least, a CD of Housewive's Choice (mp3 link) would cause more potential amusement for me with its kitsch retro perkiness. You can almost imagine cycling along with a wicker basket filled with gingerpop in tuppence return glass bottles and sandwiches wrapped in greaseproof paper when you hear that theme. Or that advert in which squirrels do the housework. The only possible reason I can imagine for listening to this crummy CD whilst doing the housework is because then you can switch the hoover on and down out Ronan Keating etc. Yes, I have been watching ITV3 too much: it's the combination of Jeeves & Wooster and bad adverts which gives it away, isn't it?

My main chores soundtrack CD is The Return of Cult Fiction. I had it on last week and, whilst washing up to Wonder Woman (in her satin tights / fighting for your rights) I thought of Joss Whedon, although thankfully not in satin tights, and his remake of the film. The very next track was Doctor Who and it got me thinking: just how many of the shows whose themes are on this CD have been remade since it was released in 1996?'s the track listing, with the answers. I really need to start work on a new novel, don't I? Just to stop me doing stuff like this. There's 33 tracks in total, so I'm breaking the post down into 3 lots of 11.

  1. The Professionals
    Yes. CI5 : The New Professionals was a very short-lived version in 1999 which contained not one of the original cast. Not even Lewis Collins. The original 70s/80s version can normally be found on Men & Motors.
  2. Enter The Dragon
    No. No-one messes with Bruce Lee. Except for that remake of Fists of Fury but that had Jet Li in it, so that's OK.
  3. Starksy & Hutch
    Yes. Starsky & Hutch came out as a movie in 2004 and plays up the slash subtext of the original.
  4. Six Million Dollar Man
    Yes. In Development Hell, suggesting they can rebuild him. Rumour has Jim Carrey as Steven Austin.
  5. Charlie's Angels
    Yes. The Drew Barrymore produced movie version came out in 2000, with a sequel in 2003. Worth it for Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu as Angels, although they don't recreate the classic Angels in Chains episode. I'm sure they will, eventually.
  6. Wonder Woman
    Yes. Joss Whedon's next project.
  7. Doctor Who
    Yes. 1996, the year the album came out, was the year of the ill-fated Paul McGannTV movie (which does count), but the 2005 series has become the BBC's flagship family drama series, with the Christmas Special taking pride of place in the Christmas Day schedules. Oh gods, I'm getting all girlishly excited again. Quick, show me another spoilery picture. Eeep.
  8. Vision On
    No. And Morph is dead. (Yes, I know Morph was from Take Hart, the spin-off from Vision On but still...).
  9. The Two Ronnies
    Yes. The Two Ronnies Sketchbook was made earlier this year, as part of Ronnie Barker's return to the screen. But now he's dead as well.
  10. Magnum PI
    Yes. In Development Hell. Rumours suggest George Clooney as the moustache.
  11. Get Smart
    Yes, in a movie. Mel Brooks is apparently involved which means it might be good, though you wonder how well Maxwell Smart will work in a post-Powers cultural world.

more when I get time to find all the links...

Posted @ 5:11 pm on Saturday, December 10, 2005
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