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"nut loaf would be more appropriate"

Actually, I'm dodging the usual nut roast. I also don't get why on Christmas Day (or, as so many txt msgs flying about this morning called it, "Tennant Day") the big meal that is normally in the evening is at 1pm. Presumely this tradition is to ensure we are collapsed in an unmoveable heap, struggling to digest all that food, whilst the Queen does her "cor, what a year, eh?" bit? Well, not in this house we're not: the big meal is at the normal evening time. And my non-trad meal is:

butternut squash & leek roast with chickpeas and rice, and a tomato and balsamic dressing (it's not food, it's M&S food porn)
bramley apple bangers (i.e. quorn)
mashed sweet potato (I'm having a sham yam!)
date, walnut & stilton stuffing (hmmm...slightly out of date - if I'll ill tomorrow, it's the fault of this)
some basic veg (peas, corn, carrots)
And a large glass or three of red

B&J's ice-cream for dessert

And a cadbury's creme egg to finish (yes, I found one on sale on Xmas Day, in the morning).

Posted @ 6:09 pm on Sunday, December 25, 2005
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