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Moment of Stupidity

You know how sometimes, you're in a hurry? You've got some work which you want to finish tonight, but you have to leave the office right now? So you quickly email the work to your personal email? On our system, all I need to do is quickly select my freeserve address instead of the work one. So what did I forget to do?

I just came up to the attic office with lots of good attentions to work for an hour or so before finishing a bottle of red whilst reading a crime novel in the bath and where's my file? Waiting on my work email server...

/hits head on desk/

And I thought I was having a good, organised day today.

I think I have a back-up of it on my USB stick but I have to remember all the notes I'd made to myself now...(and, before anyone points out I could have stuck the work on the stick, I'd point out that digging a stick out of a handbag takes longer than you might expect).

ETA: found a current copy of the new document on the stick, along with a back-up of most of the other documents I need on my C drive. Of course, by the time I found them it was time for Never Mind the Buzzcocks and the HIGNFY? repeat of an episode I missed on Friday night. So now I'm trying to pull it all together at midnight...

ETA2: woo! I'm as done as I can be tonight. I'm just bunging on some favourite tracks whilst I back-up, like Portland Oregon and Les Fleur. Oh, and I finally got a digital copy of the Siouxsie cover of Dear Prudence, to replace the very worn Twice Upon a Time cassette copy.

Posted @ 7:18 pm on Monday, December 05, 2005
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