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I don't care, cuz I'm still free

John, over on Fraggmented, thinks it would be lovely - and financially viable - to have official Firefly fiction. Like the New Adventures and the Eighth Doctor Adventures which were a comfortable earner for their publishers for the sixteen years Doctor Who was off-air. Wouldn't that be lovely? They could be pre-movie or post-movie (or pre-series) and there's just a heap of worlds Serenity hasn't visited yet, and crime barons for Mal to cock a snoot at, and rich guys for him to get all jealous at over Inara, and the "just what were Inara and Book doing on the ship?" threads to pick up and weave into new stories.

John wants everyone to start talking about what a lovely idea it is in order to lure the PTB into saying "hey, here's an idea!", so this is my little addition to it. And if any PTB happen to find this: my rates are reasonable and I would love to write Firefly fiction.

Posted @ 12:04 am on Thursday, December 22, 2005
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