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Girls Do Make Passes At Doctors in Glasses

(LJers should have a cut below, regular readers should have a white space next to the photo. I've no idea how it'll show up in RSS feed readers.)

My the Doctor Well, I enjoyed that. There are plot holes - like why didn't the Christmas tree attack when there was just Jackie in the flat? But overall it was a joyous episode which undercut every nice Christmassy thing (santa? evil scavengers! the tree? remote controlled killer! Queen's damn speech? cancelled! Snow and shooting stars? The ash and burning debris of a villain blown up as it retreated.). Also, Tennant is every bit as good and mod-tastic as I hoped - able to spin on a fivepence and deliver chilling lines straight after silly waffle. The glasses....phew! Just goes to show the right frames on the right face make spectacles sexy.

I did make a long post on Outpost Gallifrey about the Arthurian symbolism of the episode. Yes, I was so excited I got my Mallory out.

My afore-mentioned friend came over on Boxing Day, leading to consumption of beer, a visit to the revamped local pub and a walk up the hill to spend an hour or so in the Queen's Vaults. G then kipped on sofa and returned last night so that we could drink rum cocktails (rum, OJ and Ginger Ale - surprisingly nice and warming) whilst watching movies and eventually falling asleep on the sofa again. It's hard to imagine we've been out of touch for all these years, as we just settled straight back into our friendship. Or maybe it's not that surprising, given how much we shared back in the 90s. I don't know. I just know that it's great.

Yesterday day I went down to Brixham to visit another friend and had a walk around the harbour, looking at the number of trawlers that are in for the break: very very bitter wind coming in off the Atlantic, so tonight I intend to settle down on the sofa, with the fire going.

Posted @ 5:19 pm on Wednesday, December 28, 2005
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