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Best Crismas Present EVAH

Oddly enough, it's not the new Doctor Who. It's not even the lovely thing someone from BBC Wales sent me (which is very lovely, btw, and made me laugh out loud in the street). Yesterday evening, a note appeared on my doormat, torn out of a notebook, asking "you still live here?" and signed by someone I thought had long since vanished. It's perhaps seven years since we last saw one another, and about as long since we spoke. Not due to any kind of falling out, just our lives drawing us apart. I phoned and almost immediately it was as if we had spoken mere days before. They are coming over on Boxing Day so we can catch up on all those long years.

People who know me personally may think I'm not overly sociable: I'm not the sort of person to worry if I don't hear from someone for a month, or to be on the phone every week. But I do hold the people who are close dear, and the vanishing of this friend did leave a hole in my heart. Many years ago, the two of us cooked a Christmas meal for our urban family, and we danced about the kitchen to 'Fairytale of New York' as we drunkenly roasted potatoes and swedes. So the song, and the season, always remind me of this person. To know they are back, and that in a day or so's time we shall be sharing a bottle of wine and finding out just where on earth they have been means more to me than any physical present.

Even David Tennant in a red velvet suit isn't as thrilling.

Posted @ 10:21 pm on Saturday, December 24, 2005
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