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Ale to the chef

There is one recipe which I tagged in moosifer_cooks which I am determined to try soon, before the proposed How To Cook Like a Grown Up course. It's Courgettes in beer tempura. I mean, look how basic that is...surely within my capabilities? So I popped into my quality off-license tonight (as opposed to the pile-it-high offie directly across from my house) to get some Peroni Nastro Azzurro. I have done that twice before, but always ended up drinking the beer before getting around to making the tempura batter. As it was the last 4-pack of it he had in stock tonight, I must make the tempura, not just drink the beer. I look up the recipe.

Hmmm, how many does this serve? Do I need to divide the amount of flour by something to make the right amount for one? I can keep the batter overnight, right? I have vague memories of my mother making pancake batter and using it up the next day and that has eggs and stuff in it. I look at the amount of beer required, in order to see if it is one or two of the four bottles I have. I'm obviously hoping for one bottle's worth because I want to have a beer whilst watching Lost later tonight. The recipe asks for 375ml. I look at the bottle. It's 330ml. So now I have to reduce the amount of flour by, er, just over 10%. See? This is why I don't like recipes and cookbooks and stuff! Unless... it a cunning ploy by the cook so that they get to drink the already open second bottle of beer?

I began with this:
Cooking like a Grown Up 1 : prep
and ended with this:
Cooking like a Grown Up 3 : ta-da

Posted @ 7:49 pm on Wednesday, December 14, 2005
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